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SMART Energy Management Software – An unrivalled cost saving tool for your business

SMART Energy Management Software has transformed the role of energy-users by placing them at the forefront of their own energy-use and keeping them informed about the performance of their electrical devices—as a result, SMART Energy Management Software has revolutionised the way energy is consumed in businesses. It engages occupants and employees and actively drives crucial […]

Monitoring Energy Saves a Business R500 000 in just twelve months.

The above headline refers to a retail business that has a canteen for staff, a hardware store connected to their general retail (food and pharmacy) store as well as a liquor store. All of the various stores are located in different areas in a small mall. The business owners were becoming increasingly concerned about rising […]

Are your Electrical Services being designed with efficiency in mind?

The question that the headline poses can prove challenging to answer. There are no fool proof ways to distinguish between one electrical design consultant and the next when it comes to their application of energy efficiency within their design or technology recommendations. In truth, just as with all professions, not all Electrical Engineers are born […]

Electricity Tariffs – Are you paying more than you should ?

With so much attention being focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in South Africa, an often overlooked financial savings opportunity comes from the changing of your electricity tariffs. This applies specifically to the commercial sector and not the residential, where there is little scope for adjustment. Commercial retail, hospitality and office properties; manufacturing […]

Energy Efficiency: A Necessity for Every Business

Knowledge is power, in this case, power saved The age-old saying that you can’t manage what you don’t measure holds especially true when it comes to a business’s energy-use—and the cost of missing out on the low-risk, high reward opportunities associated with managing and monitoring energy-use are greater and more far-reaching than one might expect. […]

Unlock Massive Savings through Energy Efficiency Assessments

We were recently asked by the one the largest fresh produce markets in Africa, whose site is enormous (150 000m² under-roof, roughly the surface area of 18 rugby fields)  with multiple halls and massive refrigerated areas to conduct a detailed Energy Management Assessment or EMA. We were asked to investigate the site in detail as […]

Energy Efficiency – Recommendation to Implementation to Savings

Achieving improved energy efficiency for industrial and manufacturing businesses is an ongoing challenge. Operational managers and engineering teams are ultimately measured against productivity – and rightly so – as opposed to chasing energy cost savings. As much as the management team or the company’s executives might expect the engineering team to manage both objectives, it […]