Tell us a little about yourself; what are your interests? Do you work in the green industry?

My main function is that of an accountant. However, the increasing focus on sustainability issues within the corporate world demands that accountants play an ever increasing role in helping companies become more socially responsible, inclining increasing the efficiency of energy use within operations. Growing awareness amongst employees of sustainability issues is one of my more satisfying jobs.

You have just done the Energy Efficiency Management course. How did you find out about Terra Firma Academy and this course?

I’ve engaged with Terra Firma for some time. Originally Terra Firma Academy was provided entry level training for office bound employees. Later Terra Firma Solutions were appointed to undertake Energy Efficiency Audits.

Why did you choose to do this course? Did you have a clear idea about what you wanted to learn and gain from the course?

I wanted to broaden my knowledge of energy terminology and opportunities so that I could engage with engineers and operational management regarding energy efficiency.

Did you enjoy the course? Did you find it easy to follow and relevant with what you were expecting to come away with?

The course was well presented with a wide range of worked examples, allowing me to test my learning as the course progressed.

Was the Facilitator effective in explaining some of the more complex content? Did you enjoy the hands on practical edge of the course?

Some of the calculations proved challenging. However, the facilitator was very knowledgeable and ready to assist so that the entire class could progress through the course at a steady pace.

Do you feel you can make use of the skills you have learnt during the course, especially around bill & tariff assessment, power factor & voltage assessment and energy monitoring?

Understanding the various aspects of billing and tariffs will allow me to check electricity bills. Understanding the terminology of power factor etc. allows me to engage with the operational management.

Do you think this course assists participants to move into the green industry? Will it make a difference in their future career?

Yes. Access to the course material and worked examples provides good reference material for somebody wishing to move into the green industry.

Do you have any advice you would like to give any prospective students or people who may be interested in taking one of our courses?

Don’t waste time. Do the course and gain very valuable knowledge about energy efficiency.

Do you have an opinion on the emerging green economy of our country and its potential for job growth?

We all know, South African companies have only started to walk their path to a sustainable future and we will need the skills and expertise to reach our goals.