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My Success Story – Johnnie Matthew

August 31, 2017/by Jef

My Success Story – Segopotso Lekgowa

August 18, 2017/by Jef

The Ailing South African Electricity Grid – What can your company do to reduce risks?

The state of our national grid paints a black picture for businesses
May 15, 2017/by Jef

SMART Energy Management Software – An unrivalled cost saving tool for your business

SMART Energy Management Software has transformed the role of…
May 15, 2017/by Jef

Monitoring Energy Saves a Business R500 000 in just twelve months.

The above headline refers to a retail business that has a canteen…
May 15, 2017/by Jef

Are your Electrical Services being designed with efficiency in mind?

The question that the headline poses can prove challenging to…
May 15, 2017/by Jef

Electricity Tariffs – Are you paying more than you should ?

With so much attention being focused on energy efficiency and…
May 15, 2017/by Jef

Energy Efficiency: A Necessity for Every Business

Knowledge is power, in this case, power saved
The age-old saying…
May 15, 2017/by Jef

Unlock Massive Savings through Energy Efficiency Assessments

We were recently asked by the one the largest fresh produce markets…
May 15, 2017/by Jef

Energy Efficiency – Recommendation to Implementation to Savings

Achieving improved energy efficiency for industrial and manufacturing…
May 15, 2017/by Jef

What does electricity actually cost in South Africa?

With the advent of large renewable energy projects being built…
May 15, 2017/by Jef
Electricity hike

Eskom’s latest round of price increases

The business case for implementing energy efficiency is becoming…
May 12, 2017/by Jef

It is time to say good bye

There is a love affair that most people have with the familiar…
May 12, 2017/by Jef

Sustainability Issues from Ineffective National Power Grids

Before the oil crisis in the 1970’s the consumption of liquid…
May 11, 2017/by Jef

Interview with Peter Harris, ex Sustainability Head, JSE listed company AFGRI

Tell us a little about yourself; what are your interests? Do…
May 11, 2017/by Jef

What does the suspension of Eskom’s Renewable Energy Rebate mean?

Many companies, inclusive of commercial and industrial property…
May 11, 2017/by Jef
Electricity hike means more jobs?

Is electricity increase creating more jobs?

Last week Eskom asked the National Energy Regulator of South…
May 11, 2017/by Jef

Interview with engineer, Xavier Balayer

Bianca Lindemann from Terra Firma Academy interviewed Xavier…
May 11, 2017/by Jef

Game-changing technology

"After studying more than thirty successful attackers, I believe…
May 11, 2017/by Jef

Interview with Ken Ross about energy efficiency

Terra Firma Academy interviewed Ken Ross, an Engineer from Terra…
May 11, 2017/by Jef

A lack of Energy Efficiency Assessors is throttling Energy Efficiency growth in SA

Energy, in South Africa has become one of the most talked about…
May 11, 2017/by Jef

4 ways energy training can save your business money

When it comes to training staff, there is a great question and…
May 11, 2017/by Jef

Can South Africa run on renewable energy? SA’s energy future still unsure.

At about 2pm on Sunday the 15th of May this year, Germany met…
May 11, 2017/by Jef